ITW/Hudson (*) Fight Light Malice Clip Short 3 Inch

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    These are the new Fight Light MALICE Clips from Tactical Tailor. These are identical in function to the previous version but they're thinner, lighter, stronger, and much easier to weave. MALICE clips are a reusable, high strength, injection molded, connection clip designed to attach modular pouches to a vest, plate carrier, armor carrier, belt, pack, MOLLE, ELCS, FSBE or SPEAR platform. MALICE clips are designed for use with MOLLE gear but can be used to mount other items such as kydex holsters and magazine holders. MALICE clips are not affected by environmental conditions, they will not corrode or lose their subdued finish. Once attached the clip will not open until it is disengaged by the user. The clip is unlocked by raising the opening tab or inserting a flat tipped object (flat head screwdriver) into the slot in the back of the clip. Since the clip will not open accidentally and will not corrode, it is a more secure and long lasting system than the traditional MOLLE webbing attachment straps with snap closures. MALICE Clips come in two sizes: long and short. Short MALICE clips have two locking positions, while long MALICE clips have only one. Short MALICE clips will work with most any ALICE clip compatible pouch. Short MALICE clips can be used to mount ALICE pouches to MOLLE platforms. All MOLLE compatible Emdom USA pouches include the necessary number of MALICE clips for attachment to a MOLLE platform. Short MALICE clips allow attachment of most pouches to belts up to 2.75" wide.

    MALICE Clip Tips:

    To correctly attach a Emdom USA modular pouch onto a MOLLE platform, please see the guide shown in the photos below. Click on photos for a larger view.

    A correctly attached pouch should have a Fight Light MALICE clip woven in and out as shown below for maximum strength and stability.

    To uninstall, insert a flat tipped object into the slot in the rear of the clip then pull the clip end out. Alternatively; raise the front release tab then pull the clip end out.

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    ITW/Hudson (*) Fight Light Malice Clip Short 3 Inch
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    C$2.09 Excl. tax