Mayflower Low Profile Assault Armor Carrier LP1

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LP1 by Mayflower is 100% made in the U.S.A. and comprised of LPAAC front panel, LPAC back panel, and BCN3 Cummerbund. ...More information
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Product description

The LP1 setup is comprised of the front panel of the Low-Profile Assault Armor Carrier (LPAAC), the back panel of the Low-Profile Armor Carrier (LPAC), and the Standard Molle, Plate Pocket Cummerbund (CBN3). The LP1 is made of 500 Denier Cordura with a mesh interior and comes with our standard shoulder pads that are made of a stretch woven material, allowing enough elasticity to permit room for cable/hydration tube routing. The LPAC and LPAAC are designed to provide the wearer with a high degree of mobility while providing an acceptable amount of soft armor coverage, or both soft and hard armor coverage. The hard armor plates are contained in pockets attached to the outside of the soft armor carrier allowing the soft armor to mold to the wearers body for long duration mission comfort. The front and rear hard armor plate pockets have adjustable internal plate suspension straps and a Velcro® Brand flap closer to secure the plates.


The LP1 is available in four sizes; S, M, L and XL. The size small hard armor plate pockets hold small SAPI shape plates ONLY. The size medium, large, and x-large hard armor plate pockets hold 10"x12" Shooters/Swimmers cut plates or SAPI shape plates of corresponding sizes to the carrier. The soft armor inserts intended for this carrier are the Velocity Systems LPAC/LPAAC Cut Soft Armor. This is a custom cut of soft armor designed for this carrier. Other manufacturers' soft armor may not fit correctly, contact us to inquire about fitting if using other soft armor. All hook and loop material used is color matching Velcro® Brand Fasteners. All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.


The Low-Profile Assault Armor Carrier (LPAAC) front panel has a  front flap with three rows of MOLLE webbing. The chest has an admin pouch with three external rows of MOLLE webbing and Velocity Systems SwiftClip® Attachment System for rapid don/doff of auxiliary chest worn equipment (i.e. Chest Rigs & SwiftClip® Placards).


The Low-Profile Armor Carrier (LPAC) back panel has a color matching loop panel and a drag handle at the top and three rows of MOLLE webbing at the bottom.


This setup includes the Standard Molle, Plate Pocket Cummerbund (CBN3) which provides three rows of MOLLE webbing on the outer side, three internal elastic mag pouches, a soft armor pocket with Velcro® Brand closure, and a 6"x6" plate pocket with internal VELCRO® Brand adjustment to position a ballistic plate forward or backward. The size small has 5 complete columns of MOLLE, size medium has 6 complete columns of MOLLE, size large has 7 complete columns of MOLLE.


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