PRE Labs Inc. Ballistic Panels Level II

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Product description

PRE Labs utilizes the most advanced ballistic materials and manufacturing technologies available to produce the lightest, highest performance body armour available.

NIJ Standard-0101.06 specifies five levels of ballistic performance for body armour. The first three levels – IIA, II and IIIA – are typically soft armours. The two remaining levels, III and IV, are typically hard armour designed to protect officers against rifle threats. The standard threat bullets associated with these five levels are listed below:

In making the decision on level of protection you require, we recommend that you protect yourself from your own weapon first. In officer involves shootings, there is a high instance of being shot with your own weapon. Secondly, protect yourself from the threats you are confronting while on duty. PRE Labs does not recommend the use of Type IIA armour as Type II armour provides significantly higher protection at virtually the same weight.

  • Type IIA. 9mm FMJ RN; .40 Smith and Wesson (S&W) FMJ
  • Type II. 9mm FMJ RN; .357Magnum JSP
  • Type IIIA. .357 SIGFMJ FN; .44 Magnum SJHP
  • Type III. 7.62mm FMJ (M80) (Rifle)
  • Type IV. .30 Cal AP (M2 AP) (Rifle)


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