CTOMS Pouch Tourniquet Full Coverage

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    "The Ideal Solution For Personal Tourniquet Carriage Systems"


    The CTOMS™ Tourniquet Pouch Gen III w/Snap Closure Tab is the newest Generation of the popular CTOMS™  Tourniquet Pouch and is the ideal solution for personal tourniquet carriage. 

    The GEN III TQ Pouch features higher sides that allows the pouch to completely encompass the entire Tourniquet. We have also added a bit more room to aid in the RAPID deployment of the TQ and for ease of stowing within the pouch itself. The RAPID Deployment of the TQ is assisted by the built in Rapid Deployment Tab that can be positioned underneath the TQ or stowed out of the way, if not required.

    The fixed snap closure tab eliminates the need for a additional malice clip and allows for quick and seamless relocation of the pouch when needed. It fits the C-A-T® GEN 7, (Including previous generations), and SOF®TT-W tourniquets which are easily retrieved with one hand. The pouch protects the tourniquet from the elements (sun and sand) which, over time, can weaken the integrity of the tourniquet.

    The CTOMS GEN III TQ pouch can be mounted on a MOLLE platform or 2" duty belt.

    NOTE: If mounting this pouch to a 2" duty belt and a tighter fit is required, please insert the built in snap closure tab on the back of the pouch around the 2" duty belt and insert the remaining tab under the last MOLLE channel on the back - to remove any remaining slack and avoid potential sliding affects on the belt, if required.


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    CTOMS Pouch Tourniquet Full Coverage
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