Gun Clean Gun Clean Weapons Cleaning Solution

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Product description

GUNCLEAN effortlessly removes carbon, copper, and lead fouling residue from both corrosive and regular ammunition, without toxic and unnecessary chemicals. GUNCLEAN is safe for all parts of your weapon.

Certified by the US EPA for direct release into the environment, and claiming a triple zero HMIS score, GUNCLEAN is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. But we've also created our safe and non-toxic formula with your health and safety in mind.

With GUNCLEAN, there's no reason to expose yourself to harsh chemicals while cleaning your weapons. Free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), our weapons cleaning solution does not harm skin, and there's no harsh chemical fumes or aggravating odors to inhale.


8 oz. bottle


Soaking Process

Strip the weapon and soak parts in GUNCLEAN for a few minutes. For particularly dirty weapons, you may leave parts in the solution overnight. After soaking, brush with stiff-bristle brush. For best results, blow off any excess with an air compressor when finished.

Spray (No Soak) Process

Spray on a cleaning patch and/or directly on any powder residue. Brush with stiff-bristle brush. Wipe clean with microfiber rag, then re-oil your weapon.

Important Note

GUNCLEAN emulsifies all oil and organics, so it is very important to always re-oil all parts of your weapon after cleaning with GUNCLEAN.


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